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National Estate Planning Awareness Week (Oct. 15-21). 

What’s that? As Forbes Senior Editor Deborah L.  Jacobs put it in a recent post: “It’s a bit of a contrivance by lawyers in the field to get you to seek out their services. But it’s also a good time to take stock of your life and do what’s necessary.”

National Estate Planning Awareness Week has come and gone. Nevertheless, estate planning is a mindset and a rational behavior that is never out of season.

While proper estate planning is no Do-It-Yourself project and competent legal counsel should be retained, there is plenty of literature available to help you learn the basics of estate planning and beyond. Leave it to Forbes to compile “The Forbes Guide To Estate Planning” from its storehouse of past estate planning articles. Of course, these 40 some articles give only the Forbes perspective, but it’s a quick glimpse at the panoply of topics and worth a read.

Reference: Forbes (October 14, 2012) “The Forbes Guide To Estate Planning

ance as funds available for public assistance programs –  Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. – become more restricted and uncertain.  

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Reference: The New York Times (October 5, 2012) “Assuring Care of a Family Member With Special Needs

7%; Workers Face Up To $2425 Payroll Tax Hike.”


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