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What surprised us most in our Forbes Insights study was something that also emerged among attendees at the Summit: not just the scope and scale of the wealth they plan to disburse, but how quickly they plan to do so.

When it comes to charitable giving, you’ve got to think big. Big projects, big goals, and big problems. What better way to think big then to think like the very biggest players in the arena of charitable giving.

A recent Forbes article offers some insights into the thoughts and intentions of uber-wealthy philanthropists. The grist for this journalistic mill was recently a summit held in New York. The article bears the catchy title of “How to Give Away A Billion Dollars.

It’s worth reading the original article, if not only for a few reported mission statements. One thing to note is the tension between farsighted concerns and legacy in particular, against the desire to see immediate effect and business-like efficiency. This is a very real tension and just may affect how you go about your own charitable giving.

Then again, you might be more concerned with the future of charitable giving, and there’s a companion piece for you titled “How The Next Generation Of Wealth Is Revolutionizing Philanthropy As We Know It.

References: Forbes (September 18, 2012) “How to Give Away A Billion Dollars

Forbes (September 18, 2012) “How The Next Generation Of Wealth Is Revolutionizing Philanthropy As We Know It.

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