Retain Your Most Talented Employees in Ann Arbor

Employee Retention

Employees who are challenged, engaged, valued, and rewarded (emotionally, intellectually & financially) rarely leave, and more importantly, they perform at very high levels. However if you miss any of these critical areas, it’s only a matter of time until they head for the elevator.

     Job change is a fact of life for men and women in today’s workforce, and many workers change jobs frequently during their employable years. With all the shifts in the working world, it’s no secret that training employees is costly and good talent is hard to find. So, why don’t more CEO’s and managers focus on retaining talent?

    A recent Forbes article sheds some light on the disconnect and discusses the “10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You.” The abbreviated version includes:

  1. You failed to unleash their passions.
  2. You failed to challenge their intellect.
  3. You failed to engage their creativity.
  4. You failed to develop their skills.
  5. You failed to give them a voice.
  6. You failed to care.
  7. You failed to lead.
  8. You failed to recognize their contributions.
  9. You failed to increase their responsibility.
  10. You failed to keep your commitments.

    If you have a high turnover rate within your staff, this article may be worth reading. Once you’ve read the article, follow through with the recommendations or else you may at risk of losing your most talented employees.

ReferenceForbes (December 13, 2012) “10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You

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