The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Its Effect on Medicare


Since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable care Act, we are hearing a lot of misinformation about the law and its impact on Medicare.

As we begin 2013, it is understood that there will be several provisions to the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). If you have been following the discussion about the effect of Obamacare on Medicare but remain confused, you are not alone. Most Americans are left scratching their heads surrounding Obamacare’s impact on Medicare.

To learn more about this issue, visit the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.’s website here. The Center is a “national non-profit organization that provides research, analysis, education and advocacy to help older people and people with disabilities obtain fair access to Medicare and quality health care.”

The Center created a “Medicare Facts & Fiction” chart that attempts to dispel misinformation regarding the Affordable Care Act’s effect on Medicare. It also provides links to several detailed articles discussing the Affordable Care Act and its effect on Medicare.

Another organization that prepared a summary of the ways the Affordable Care Act will affect Medicare beneficiaries is the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). This summary focuses on three important topics – prescription drugs, chronic care and Medicare solvency.

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