Did You Forget About Your State Estate And Inheritance Taxes?


If you live in one of the states with an estate tax, you need to take the tax into account when planning your estate … Another state tax to take into account when planning your estate is the inheritance tax.

Just when you think you’ve got the whole federal estate tax figured out, you may be surprised to learn about estate taxes at the state level. And when it comes to taxes, where you live means everything.

For those planning their estates, estate planning laws can be troublesome enough without the additional complexity of state estate and/or inheritance taxes. ElderLawAnswers recently considered this issue in an article titled “Have You Planned for State Estate and Inheritance Taxes?

If your state also has a level of estate or inheritance taxation, then the applicability of such taxes is yet another obstacle to overcome. Accordingly, you should plan for them just as you would for the federal estate tax.

Note: the exemption amounts and tax rates may vary from the federal level (and in some states, they may even vary from person to person).

Don’t have a state estate or inheritance tax to worry about? Even if your state does not have its own estate or inheritance taxes now, watch out! With many states facing budget shortfalls, taxing the estates and inheritances may be coming closer to home.

In addition, when it comes to state estate and inheritance taxes you need to plan for the future. Know the tax laws of your current state and any state in which you may consider in the future.

Bottom line: Be sure to plan for these unique state laws, even if the federal laws get all the press.

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Reference: ElderLawAnswers (July 29, 2013) “Have You Planned for State Estate and Inheritance Taxes?

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