Greg Plitt Died without a Will


Celebrity estate plans are often best known for their mistakes. One recently deceased celebrity made the biggest estate planning mistake of them all. He didn't have an estate plan.


Greg Plitt might not be a household name to everyone. He is not the most famous celebrity who has recently passed away. He was a fitness star on the Bravo TV channel.

In January Plitt died while shooting a commercial for an energy drink. The premise of the commercial was that the drink gave Plitt the energy to outrun a speeding train like Superman.

Unfortunately, while attempting to perform this stunt, the train hit Plitt and killed him.

Now, TMZ reports that Plitt passed away without an estate plan in an article titled "Bravo's Greg Plitt Had $800K in the bank...BUT NO WILL."

As Plitt had no spouse or children at the time of his death, by law his estate will go to his parents after any creditors are paid. Perhaps this is what Plitt would have wanted done with his estate, but we will never know.

By not having an estate plan, Plitt forfeited the ability to have a say in who gets his assets.

Do not make the same mistake. Contact an experienced estate planning attorney and take care of business because one never knows.

Reference: TMZ (February 24, 2015) "Bravo's Greg Plitt Had $800K in the bank...BUT NO WILL."

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