Paul Walker's Car Collection


Paul Walker was famous for his movies about fast cars so it should come as no surprise that he owned a lot of vehicles. Exactly how many vehicles he owned and whether or not his estate has possession of all of them is the subject of a new lawsuit.

From the outside, actor Paul Walker's life and death seems to be all about fast cars. Walker is most famous for his series of car movies The Fast and the Furious.

Walker tragically passed away in an auto accident in 2013.

After he passed away, Walker's estate requested information about where the actor's vehicles were located. Apparently, that information was in the possession of Richard Taylor, a friend of Walker's who helped maintain his automobile collection.

Taylor allegedly gave the estate information concerning 31 vehicles. However, the estate has now filed a lawsuit against Taylor alleging that he secreted away seven vehicles for conversion to his own personal use.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the story in an article titled "Paul Walker's Estate Sues for Return of More Vehicles Taken After Actor's Death."

Unfortunately, these types of situations are not unusual. Often trusted friends and family members help themselves to the personal property of the recently deceased, although normally nothing as valuable as seven cars.

Estate administrators need to be diligent to make sure that no part of the estate has been misappropriated and if it has, they need to seek recovery of anything missing.

While planning your estate, you can help prevent this scenario by listing all items of value that you own.

An experienced estate planning attorney can help make sure nothing is missing or left to chance.

Reference: The Hollywood Reporter (June 12, 2015) "Paul Walker's Estate Sues for Return of More Vehicles Taken After Actor's Death."

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