How to Get Disinherited


If you do not want to be disinherited by your relatives, it might be helpful to know what actions often lead to disinheritances so that you can avoid them.

Normally when someone is disinherited it comes with anger and surprise. This is because often people do not think that they have done anything so wrong that a family member would take such a drastic measure.

Even people who do not get along well with their relatives tend to not think it will result in being disinherited. However, estate planning attorneys can often predict what types of behaviors might lead a person to be disinherited because the same patterns occur over and over again.

Recently Financial Advisor published a list of common actions that lead to being disinherited in "Ten Tips To Avoid Losing An Inheritance."

The list includes:

  • Do not visit or call – If you neglect to spend time with or talk to a relative, he or she is likely to think you do not care for him or her.
  • Only visit if the relative does something for you – Threatening not to visit unless you get something in return is likely to lead to resentment.
  • Judging how they spend their money – If you argue with relatives about how they spend their own money, they might think you care more about the money than them.
  • Argue over trivial matters – Arguments over little things can lead to arguments over much bigger things.
  • Clean out their home – Even if your parents are in a nursing home, they might not appreciate you clearing things out of their home without permission.
  • Filing for guardianship too soon – Do not rush to file for guardianship if your relatives can still handle things on their own.
  • Act obsessed with their estate plan – It is good to know and discuss what a relative's estate plan is, but if you talk about it all the time, it will seem like you have ulterior motives.

Reference: Financial Advisor (Nov. 19, 2015) "Ten Tips To Avoid Losing An Inheritance."

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