Attorney Charged With Theft in Louisiana Estate Case


A feud that began with a bitter child custody battle might have led to one of the attorneys in the case being charged with falsifying a will and theft.

Louisiana attorney Michael Cox represented Michael Davisson in a custody battle against Davisson's ex-wife and her new husband Chris Broussard. The case resulted in Davisson losing and the ex-wife receiving sole custody of Davisson's only child, Jordan Davisson.

According to Cox, Michael Davisson despised Broussard so much that he became estranged from his son and cut the son out of his will to make sure that Broussard got nothing from him. When Davisson was terminally ill, he gave power of attorney to Cox's wife. A will was also created that left Davisson's entire estate to Cox and his wife.

Authorities allege, however, that Cox and his wife were actually using the power of attorney to steal from Davisson while he was in the hospital.

Davisson might have grown wise to this scheme before he passed away. Cox and his wife sold Davisson's two homes for cash. After learning of this, Davisson called Chris Broussard, the man Cox claims Davisson hated, for help as Broussard is also an attorney. KTBS reported on this story in ""I truly do hate him." Sole heir speaks out on arrest of attorney, wife in theft case."

The judge in the case threw out the will and nullified the sale of the homes. One reason for doing so was that Cox notarized all the documents and he is not a notary. Cox and his wife have been criminally charged. If convicted, Cox will undoubtedly face discipline from the state Bar.

Reference: KTBS (Nov. 25, 2015) ""I truly do hate him." Sole heir speaks out on arrest of attorney, wife in theft case."

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