Giving a Home to Stray Cats


People frequently use their estate plans as a way of continuing to support things they love after they pass away. One woman in Italy recently did so by bequeathing her home to stray cats.

The late Fiorella Scannabissi of Bologna, Italy loved cats. During her lifetime she took in many of the city's strays.

As The Local reports in "Bologna's Cats Inherit Plush Apartment," she loved the stray cats of the city so much that she left her top-floor, seven-room apartment to them. No, this is not a case where the neighbors might consider going to court to stop a messy situation.

The cats will not be living in the home.

Instead, Scannabissi left instructions for her home to be sold by the local council. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the city's cattery, which takes care of the local strays.

What this illustrates is the flexibility of estate plans.

This is just one example of what can be done in an estate plan to make sure that what you support in life continues to receive support after you pass away. For Scannabissi it just happened to be stray cats.

If you love something else, you can use your estate plan to continue support it. Doing so often is not very complicated, especially if you have the advice and creativity of an experienced estate planning attorney who can structure your estate plan to further your goals.

Reference: The Local (Dec. 3, 2015) "Bologna's Cats Inherit Plush Apartment"

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