Unusual Funerals Trending

Shot glass

A man in the U.K. has unveiled his plans for his coffin. They illustrate the trend of people planning unusual ways for loved ones to remember them.

In many places there is a tradition that when someone passes away his friends will have a drink in remembrance. Sometimes, the deceased has provided funds for the event so his or her friends can have a last drink on them.

One man in the U.K. wants to make "have a last drink on me" more literal.

Glen Speak of Tamworth has stated that he plans to design a double–lidded coffin for himself. The first lid will open to reveal a row of whiskey shots. Mourners will then be invited to take a shot.

The Tamworth Herald reported this story in "Specially designed coffin to offer whisky to mourners."

This is but one of many similar stories of people making specific and unusual requests for their funerals and remains. The trend appears to be especially popular in the U.K. For example, in another recent case there, a portion of one man's cremated remains were used to make bait for his friends to use in deep sea fishing.

One thing this shows is that people are increasingly thinking about end of life topics and how they will be remembered. Funeral plans should only be part of the process.

Another way that people will be remembered by loved ones is through their estate plans. The quality of those estate plans can go a long way toward the security of friends and family.

Thus, if you are considering making your own unusual funeral plans, be sure to consider making an estate plan at the same time.

Reference: Tamworth Herald (May 9, 2016) "Specially designed coffin to offer whisky to mourners."

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