Joan Rivers' Estate Sale


Collectors are eager to bid on a collection of valuable items that will go up for auction at a sale of Joan Rivers' estate in June.

Joan Rivers never kept it a secret that she loved luxurious things and was an avid collector of fine items. Following her death, other collectors have been eager to learn what items Rivers had collected during her lifetime.

According to Bloomberg in "The Surprising, Precious Antiques in Joan Rivers's Estate Sale," collectors will get their chance to bid on some of her collection as Christies is holding an estate sale for her estate. The total value of the items to be sold is estimated at $1.5 million.

Of most interest to collectors are some of the Faberge items Rivers had purchased over the years.

Estate sales are becoming more popular with the estates of people from all walks of life, not just the rich and famous. They are a relatively easy way for estates to dispense of items that heirs either do not want, have no place for or need to sell for money. Rather than selling items themselves piece by piece, heirs can allow an auction company to handle everything for a percentage of the proceeds.

In fact, the estate sale industry is becoming so popular that people are not waiting for their estates to sell off their possessions. Many older people are contacting estate agents as they seek to transition to simpler living conditions or just get a lifetime's worth of clutter out of their homes.

Reference: Bloomberg (June 3, 2016) "The Surprising, Precious Antiques in Joan Rivers's Estate Sale"

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