The Bizarre Battle Over B.B. King's Estate


It might have been physically impossible for the late musician B.B. King to have children, yet he claimed that he had 15 of them. Those who survive are in a strange battle over his estate.

According to B.B. King's biographer, the musician was told by a physician that he was unable to father children. King did not have any children in either of his two marriages. However, the musician never disputed any of the women who claimed that he was the father of their children.

He acknowledged 15 children born from 15 different women, according to the Hollywood Reporter in "B.B. King's Estate War: 15 Kids, 15 Moms and a "Totally Haywire" Fight."

At present, 11 of those children are still alive and three more people have claimed that they are also King's children since he passed away.

This unusual family situation has sparked an intense fight over King's estate. The trustee of the estate who was King's former business manager claims the estate is worth approximately $5 million. The children, however, believe it is worth much more than that.

There is also a dispute over which trust created by King is valid.

The children claim that a will and trust created in 2007 should be used as it gives the children quite a lot of money. The trustee, however, is using a trust created in 2014, which does name the children, but does not leave any of them anything specific.

The one thing that is almost certain is that this fight will go on for a long time due to the number of parties involved and the bizarre nature of their involvement.

Reference: Hollywood Reporter (May 26, 2016) "B.B. King's Estate War: 15 Kids, 15 Moms and a "Totally Haywire" Fight."

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