More Controversy for Michael Jackson's Estate


Michael Jackson's estate has enough legal problems and certainly did not need any more controversy, especially the latest publicity nightmare to hit the news.

The estate of Michael Jackson is currently embroiled in a fierce battle with the IRS over how much it owes the federal government in estate taxes. If the IRS wins the case, then the estate will need millions of dollars to pay an extraordinary bill.

One way the estate could pay those taxes is by profiting off of the expected renewed interest when the 10th anniversary of the singer's death comes in 2019. However, the latest revelations could make that more difficult.

At the time of his death Jackson was disgraced, but hoping to make a comeback. Although he was found not guilty of child molestation charges the accusations had taken a toll on his popularity. Much of that was forgiven by fans after Jackson passed away.

Now, those charges are back in the news as a police report has been released that details the singer's pornography collection. The story is reported by Fox News reports in "Michael Jackson's estate fights back at report detailing singer's creepy porn stash."

The estate claims everything in the police report is false. However, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that the released documents appear to be their reports generated during the investigation into the child molestation charges.

In order to maximize the value of Jackson's music and publicity rights, Jackson's estate will have to hope fans either forget or forgive these latest revelations. If fans do not, the estate's fight with the IRS over the estate tax will take on even more importance.

Reference: Fox News (June 22, 2016) "Michael Jackson's estate fights back at report detailing singer's creepy porn stash."

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