Settling Scores

Angry lady

Some people like to use their own deaths as a last way to take shots at and settle scores with people that they do not like as those people have no way to respond directly. A German man did so in an unusual way.

Some people do not like certain members of their families. That is only natural as we cannot choose who is in our family and it is unrealistic to think everyone will get along well with everyone else. Most people tend to minimize their differences with family members and not look for disagreements that could hurt other family members. However, there are some people who just cannot do that.

Take the case of a German man named Hubert Martini. Hubert was definitely not one to let conflicts with family members go. He wrote his own obituary, which was dutifully printed by a newspaper when he passed away.

In it Martini wrote that his five siblings and their families were all banned from his memorial service.

The Guardian reported on this story in "Last slights: man writes own obituary banning relatives from funeral."

While most people do not go so far as to ban certain relatives from their funerals, the desire to take shots at disliked family members is not all that rare. Many people have sought to do so in their wills or by creating separate documents that should be distributed at their deaths to air their last grievances with family members.

The problem? This often creates discord in the family and hurts even those family members who are not mentioned negatively. People who want to use their deaths to settle scores should first consider whether they really do want other family members to take the collateral damage.

Reference: Guardian (July 1, 2016) "Last slights: man writes own obituary banning relatives from funeral."

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