Unhappy in Retirement


A recent study revealed that more Americans than ever are unhappy or dissatisfied in retirement. If you are one of them, getting your affairs in order might help your security and satisfaction.

When working people think about retirement, they normally look forward to it. After all, retirement is supposed to be the reward for years of long work. Once retired, retirees no longer have to pay attention to a work schedule. They can do what they want when they want to do it.

It sounds great, doesn't it? However, according to a recent study discussed by Trust Advisor in "More People Are Unhappy In Retirement Than Ever Before," not everyone is happy and satisfied in retirement. That is somewhat to be expected.

Life is complicated enough. No longer "having to work" is not a miracle cure that can make everyone happy. It seems today that a greater percentage of people are unhappy and dissatisfied in retirement than in previous decades.

The reason for the increase is not exactly known. It has been suggested that more retirees are financially insecure than in previous generations. Others say it might be the result of more people having unreasonable expectations about retirement or merely a generational shift as Baby Boomers retire in greater numbers.

While happiness can be very elusive, satisfaction can be less so. For most people there is a certain level of satisfaction in knowing their affairs are in order in case there is an emergency. Thus, getting advanced medical directives and a general durable power of attorney will help with retirees' satisfaction levels.

Getting a complete estate plan should help as well because there is also satisfaction in knowing that family will be taken care of should anything untoward happen to you.

Reference: Trust Advisor (July 1, 2016) "More People Are Unhappy In Retirement Than Ever Before"

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