Estate Looks for JFK Love Child


That John F. Kennedy had affairs while he was President is fairly well known, so perhaps it should not be too surprising that the estate of one of the women alleged to have been involved in one of those affairs is following up on rumors that she had JFK’s child.

The administrator of the estate of Alicia Corning Clark recently revealed that the estate had filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI seeking any information the FBI had on an affair between Clark and President John F. Kennedy. Rumors about an affair between the socialite and the President had been around for a long time.

In fact, a book by Seymour Hersh revealed that J. Edgar Hoover knew about the affair and about a court case involving allegations regarding the affair. The book also alleged that political operatives attempted to sell information about the affair and about how Clark had gotten pregnant to Republicans before the 1960 Presidential election.

It turns out there was a court case, which has recently been unsealed, according to DNAinfo in “Lawyers for Socialite's $17.5M Estate on Hunt for Possible JFK Love Child.”

The court case was a lawsuit brought by Clark’s attorney against her for unpaid legal bills and included accusations that she wanted to extort money from JFK’s father to buy her silence about the affair.

That a child resulted from the affair seems like a dubious claim as Clark did not mention one in her will. The estate administrators, however, do have a duty to follow up on the rumors, especially since she had no other children.

If a child was born from the affair, then that child must be given a fair opportunity to contest Alicia Corning Clark’s will.

Reference: DNAinfo (July 11, 2016) “Lawyers for Socialite's $17.5M Estate on Hunt for Possible JFK Love Child

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