Paper Claims to Have Identified Prince’s Son


If a California newspaper is correct, then dividing up Prince’s estate will be much easier than previously thought. The paper claims that DNA tests have proven that Prince has a son.

Recently, the Minnesota probate judge overseeing the Prince estate threw out the claims of 29 people who said they were related to the late musician. Most people took that to mean that there were six possible heirs left to Prince’s fortune and that they will have to undergo DNA testing.

The Santa Monica Observer recently report on this in “SMObserved Finds Prince Rogers Nelson's Son--Uncanny Resemblance!

The article claims that DNA testing has proved that another, previously unknown, man is Prince’s son, which would make him the musician’s sole heir.

The newspaper reports that Sheila Steman was a musician who used to perform in many of the same clubs as Prince. The story indicates that her son, Anthony Steman, may have been the result of a relationship with Prince.

The judge overseeing the case ordered that the results of the genetic testing of Steman be kept under seal, which the paper believes is proof that Steman is Prince’s son.

However, there could be other reasons for the decision and it is unclear how a small California paper would have such inside knowledge of a Minnesota court case that has received lots of attention from much bigger media outlets.

While Anthony Steman might prove to be Prince’s son, at this point it should still be viewed as a rumor.

Reference: Santa Monica Observer (Aug. 9, 2016) “SMObserved Finds Prince Rogers Nelson's Son--Uncanny Resemblance!!

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