Can I Make Provisions for My Dog in My Estate Plan?

Can I Make Provisions for…

Many individuals have close relationships with their pets, and may be concerned about who will take care of those pets when they become unable to do so. As a result, some people choose to make provisions for their dog, cat, or other animal friends in their estate plans. This gives pet owners a sense of relief that their pets will be cared for and avoids any uncertainty for the pet’s future.

The main objective in estate planning with respect to your pet is to ensure that he or she has a home if you suddenly become unable to care for your pet or unexpectedly pass away. In your will, you can designate a certain person to take custody of your pet. You also can designate a back-up guardian, just in case the person whom you first designated is unavailable or unable to care for your pet.

You also may want to provide financially for your pet during the estate planning process. This step can ensure that your pet does not go without necessary medical care, medicine, or the high-quality food that he or she usually eats. You can leave a certain amount of cash to the person whom you’ve designated to care for your pet, if you trust him or her to use the money for your pet in the manner that you have chosen. On the other hand, if you want a more extensive plan for financing your pet’s needs, you can create a pet trust. In a pet trust, you can provide detailed instructions for caring your pet and guidelines for using the trust money for your pet. This can make the person whom you have chosen to care for your pet more accountable for the funds that he or she is using for your pet, and also allow you to be very specific about the care that you want your pet to have.

No matter what type of provisions for pets or family members that you want to make in your will, the Ann Arbor estate lawyers of Legacy Law Center have the experience that you need. We are your trusted advisors who are skilled in looking at all facets of your life, evaluating your needs, and working collaboratively with you and your family to create the estate plan that you want and need. Contact Legacy Law Center today and learn how we can help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

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