Will Medicaid Pay for Home Health Care for My Loved One?

Will Medicaid Pay for Hom…

There are certain limited circumstances in which Medicaid will pay for home health care for your loved one. If you are financially eligible for Medicaid and need the type of services offered by nursing homes, Medicaid may pay for at least some of the needed services through the waiver program, known as MI Choice or home and community-based care, or though Home Help Services. Plus, if your loved one is over the age of 60, there also are services not funded by Medicaid that may be available. The purpose of these services is to allow seniors to remain in their homes while still received needed services normally provided by nursing homes.

Medicaid may provide your loved one with various home health care services, including the costs of paying someone to help your loved one with housework, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and personal care, such as bathing and dressing. A friend or relative can provide you with this care, or you can pay a business to provide you with this care. On the other hand, the Department of Human Services (DHS) may be able to provide your loved one with items related to home health care, such as bath transfer benches, lift chairs, and special bed tables.

When your loved one applies for Medicaid, he or she should request Home Help Services, or if already enrolled in Medicaid, he or she can call DHS to access these services. DHS will determine what kind of assistance your loved one needs and how many hours of week of assistance is necessary.

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