Do I Need to Make a New Will if I Just Moved to Michigan and I Have a Will From Another State?

Do I Need to Make a New W…

If you just moved to Michigan and you already have a will from Illinois, the good news is that your Illinois will most likely will be perfectly valid under Michigan law. With that said, estate planning law is very different from state to state, and there may be provisions in your will or estate plan that may no longer be in your best interest if you are living in Michigan. There also may be estate planning tools or mechanisms that weren’t available under Illinois state law, but which could benefit you now that you are living in Michigan.

The bottom line is that a move to a new state is the perfect opportunity to review your estate plan. Any major life change signals the need to review your existing estate plan and determine if it still meets your goals, or if no longer reflects your goals. You also can ensure that all of your documents are perfectly legal in the state of Michigan and find out any differences between Michigan and Illinois state laws on various issues related to your estate plan.

You also might take this opportunity to review those whom you have previously chosen to be your power of attorney, estate executor, or trustee. If you previously named your sister as your POA, and you now live six hours away from her, then it might make sense to substitute another relative or trusted friend who lives closer to you. In an emergency situation, have your POA living a long distance away is not the ideal situation. Similarly, while you can have an executor for your estate who lives out of state, it would be far easier and more convenient to have someone who lives in the state of Michigan be your executor.

As you can see, serving as an executor is an important role that gives you important responsibilities. If you are in need of assistance with a loved one’s estate following his or her death, no matter what the situation may be, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you. Call Legacy Law Center today and learn how our Michigan estate administration attorneys can advocate on your behalf.

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