Can a Trustee Just Ignore the Terms of a Trust?

Can a Trustee Just Ignore…

Michigan law makes it clear that it is part of a trustee’s fiduciary duty to follow the terms of a trust, including those that relate to administering the trust assets, distributing them in accordance with the directives of the trust, and paying any debts and expenses. The trustee also has a responsibility to locate, safeguard, and inventory all assets, keep records of all trust-related transactions, and communicate with and report to beneficiaries as needed. A trustee’s responsibilities also include a duty of loyalty to the trustor, with respect to following the trust terms as written, impartiality with respect to multiple beneficiaries, prudence in handling assets, and a complete separation of all trust assets from the trustee’s own assets.

If a beneficiary or other interested party believes that a trustee is ignoring or disregarding the terms of a trust, or not following the trust’s directives, then there are some very specific means of seeking a trustee’s removal. In some cases, the trust document itself may contain provisions for removing a trustee based on certain reasons. In other cases, however, the trust document is silent on the issue, which leaves only Michigan law to govern the potential removal of a trustee.

Under Michigan law, only a grantor or settlor, co-trustee, or qualified beneficiary may seek to relieve a trustee of his or her duties. However, a court also can remove a trustee on its own initiative. A trustee may be removed in the following circumstances:

· The trustee has committed a serious breach of trust.

· A lack of cooperation among co-trustees has impaired the administration of the trust.

· A court has made a finding that removal of the trustee best serves the purposes of the trust, due to the trustee’s unfitness, unwillingness, or persistent failure to properly and effectively administer the trust.

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