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Chelsea Vergiels

As a recent graduate of Toledo Law School, I am honored to begin my legal career at the Legacy Law Center. During law school I was impacted by my estate planning courses which taught me the importance of planning for the future. My connection to the Ann Arbor community comes from my time at the University of Michigan where I earned my bachelor’s degree in International Studies and participated in the Michigan Marching Band.

I am originally from Ida, Michigan and still enjoy small town life with my dog, Renfri. As an only child, I am close with my parents who are both teachers and look forward to staying in Southeast Michigan to take care of them and spend time with family. In my free time, I enjoy running, playing the flute, and working at a golf course with my father. I value the experience and wisdom that I gain from my relationships with friends and family of all ages, which led me to an interest in family law and estate planning