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Is There Any Way That I Can Keep My Children From Fighting Over My Estate?

When it comes to family, dysfunction tends to be a way of life, particularly in this age of blended families, stepfamilies, former spouses, and estranged children from different relationships. Emotions tend to run high during a stressful and sad even… Read More
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Blended Family Financial Difficulties

When a parent gets remarried there is likely to be tension between the new spouse and the children from previous relationships. Much of that tension can be eased by ensuring the family finances are properly handled. On television and in movies blende… Read More
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Paper Claims to Have Identified Prince’s Son

If a California newspaper is correct, then dividing up Prince’s estate will be much easier than previously thought. The paper claims that DNA tests have proven that Prince has a son. Recently, the Minnesota probate judge overseeing the Prince estat… Read More
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Redstone’s Granddaughter Files Suit

Sumner Redstone’s granddaughter has joined the ongoing legal battle over his competency and business interests. She has filed a lawsuit to have herself reinstated to the family trust. The ongoing Massachusetts probate court battle over the competen… Read More
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Remarriage and Estate Planning

If you are planning to get remarried, it is important that you revise your estate plan before doing so, especially if you have children from a previous marriage. One of the most challenging things for estate lawyers and probate courts to administer i… Read More
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Judge Cuts Down List of Potential Prince Heirs

The Minnesota judge hearing the Prince estate case has rejected most of the claims brought by people to have themselves declared to be the singer’s heirs. The stakes in the Prince estate case are very high. Because he did not have an estate plan, a… Read More
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What to Leave to Your Family

Throughout your life, you have most likely accumulated many different types of assets. When planning your estate, it is useful to know which of those assets you should leave to your family members. Estate planning is not just about deciding how much… Read More
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Estate Looks for JFK Love Child

That John F. Kennedy had affairs while he was President is fairly well known, so perhaps it should not be too surprising that the estate of one of the women alleged to have been involved in one of those affairs is following up on rumors that she had… Read More
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Disconnect between Parents and Adult Children

A new study reveals that there is a disconnect between what parents expect financially from their adult children and what those children expect to be asked to provide and do. Whenever there is a disagreement about estate planning or finances between… Read More
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Photographer Sues B.B. King’s Estate

As if the estate of B.B. King did not have enough issues to sort out, a photographer has filed a suit against the estate and Universal Music Group alleging copyright infringement. Some celebrity estates, such as those of Michael Jackson and Prince, a… Read More
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