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Make Sure You Can Be a Pa…

Make Sure You Can Be a Parent to Your College-Aged Child in an Emergency

Preparing to send your son or daughter to college is one of the most exciting, and nerve-wrecking times for a parent! You’ll worry whether they will eat properly, study enough, and get enough sleep. While we can’t help with these everyday concern… Read More
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Estate Planning: Dos and Don’ts

The need for future planning confronts all of us at one point or another, and future planning includes estate planning. While you may not wish to think about topics like incapacity and death, they are both a part of life for everyone. Careful plannin… Read More
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When Do I Need to Start Estate Planning?

Ensuring that you have an estate plan in place, even at a young age, can be crucial to having your affairs handled in the manner that you choose. Many individuals fail to engage in estate planning early in their lives because they don’t believe tha… Read More
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Personal Property in Estate Planning

Most people understand the need to have an estate plan that covers their major assets, such as real estate and vehicles. However, items that are more likely to cause issues between your relatives are often left out of estate plans. For an ordinary es… Read More
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Can a Trustee Just Ignore the Terms of a Trust?

Michigan law makes it clear that it is part of a trustee’s fiduciary duty to follow the terms of a trust, including those that relate to administering the trust assets, distributing them in accordance with the directives of the trust, and paying an… Read More
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“Grandparent” Scams

As individuals age, they often become more vulnerable to scams, which can end up costing them a great deal of money. As many senior citizens live on a fixed income, falling prey to just one scam can be financially devastating. One of the most common… Read More
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Can’t I Just Use Online Will or Estate Planning Documents?

In today’s age of do-it-yourself (DIY) home repairs, instructional YouTube videos on every possible subject, and Pinterest, it is no surprise that DIY wills and estate planning documents have emerged into mainstream America. Essentially, these form… Read More
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The Rising Costs of Senior Care in America

Long-term care planning is a must for any senior citizen, but as costs continue to drastically climb, the prospect of being able to fund long-term care seems next to impossible. While there are more options available today for senior care, some of wh… Read More
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Estate Planning is On My To-Do List - Right Where It's Been for Twenty Years!

Every week, I meet with prospective new clients who are interested in doing estate planning. And invariably, one of my first questions is “have you done any estate planning before?” It’s a simple question, only used for information gathering. B… Read More
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