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Estate Planning is On My To-Do List - Right Where It's Been for Twenty Years!

         Every week, I meet with prospective new clients who are interested in doing estate planning.  And invariably, one of my first questions is “have you done any estate planning before?”  It’s a simple question, only used for inf… Read More
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Paper Claims to Have Identified Prince’s Son

If a California newspaper is correct, then dividing up Prince’s estate will be much easier than previously thought. The paper claims that DNA tests have proven that Prince has a son. Recently, the Minnesota probate judge overseeing the Prince esta… Read More
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Judge Cuts Down List of Potential Prince Heirs

The Minnesota judge hearing the Prince estate case has rejected most of the claims brought by people to have themselves declared to be the singer’s heirs. The stakes in the Prince estate case are very high. Because he did not have an estate plan,… Read More
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Treating Your Children Differently in Your Estate

For many parents it seems obvious that because their children have different life circumstances it is fair to treat them differently in their estate plans. The children often have different ideas than the parents about what is fair and that can lead… Read More
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What to Leave to Your Family

Throughout your life, you have most likely accumulated many different types of assets. When planning your estate, it is useful to know which of those assets you should leave to your family members. Estate planning is not just about deciding how much… Read More
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Photographer Sues B.B. King’s Estate

As if the estate of B.B. King did not have enough issues to sort out, a photographer has filed a suit against the estate and Universal Music Group alleging copyright infringement. Some celebrity estates, such as those of Michael Jackson and Prince,… Read More
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Settling Scores

Some people like to use their own deaths as a last way to take shots at and settle scores with people that they do not like as those people have no way to respond directly. A German man did so in an unusual way. Some people do not like certain membe… Read More
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More Controversy for Michael Jackson's Estate

Michael Jackson's estate has enough legal problems and certainly did not need any more controversy, especially the latest publicity nightmare to hit the news. The estate of Michael Jackson is currently embroiled in a fierce battle with the IRS… Read More
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Felon Is Not Prince's Son

According to reports the Colorado inmate who claimed to be Prince's long lost son has been determined to not be related to the deceased musician. In the first of what will most likely be many paternity determinations in the estate of Prince, it… Read More
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Media Denied Hearing in Prince Case

The judge overseeing the probate case concerning Prince's estate has denied a request from several media companies to be heard in the case. However, questions about media access to the case have not been definitively answered. The issue of havi… Read More
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