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A New Type of Doula

Traditionally a doula is someone who offers care and support to a woman in labor to make the birth process easier. However, a new type of doula helps those at the other end of the life cycle. Passing away is not as easy as it might seem. Patients in… Read More
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Japan Debating Living Wills

The right to refuse life-extending medical care is well-established in the U.S. Millions of Americans have living wills instructing doctors not to give them certain kinds of treatment. In Japan the idea is a novel one and being hotly debated. In the… Read More
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A Home Funeral

Traditional funerals overseen by a funeral director in a funeral home can be very expensive. Many are choosing the even older option of having home funerals. Having a mortician embalm the remains of the deceased and having a funeral director oversee… Read More
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Family Sues to Reverse Brain Dead Declaration

Issues concerning when a person can be taken off life support did not go away when the Terry Schiavo case stopped appearing in the headlines. A current lawsuit in California highlights that the issue is still very much alive. In December of 2013, the… Read More
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