Caregiver Checklist

Caregiver ChecklistDon’t Wait for a Crisis to Strike to Get Organized. Download Our Free Caregiver’s Checklist!

Whether it means caring for a parent, spouse, close friend or other loved one, becoming a caregiver is challenging. The responsibility can fall to you suddenly, and you may not feel fully prepared for what lies ahead. Although every situation is different, there are many questions and tasks that all new caregivers must face. There’s a lot to cover, and we’ve put together this checklist to cover these topics. Whether you are about to become a caregiver or planning for the future, this checklist can help you organize your thoughts, make sure that you’re handling all the important tasks, and give you some peace of mind. Download our Caregiver Checklist to help you get organized and prepared.

Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs that may alert you that your loved one needs care.

  • Loss of mobility, such as trouble walking or standing steadily
  • Decline in personal hygiene, such as poor grooming and wearing dirty clothing
  • Changes in eating habits, including Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Trouble shopping for groceries, from having no food in the home to having a large amount of expired food
  • Loss of interest in your loved one’s favorite activities
  • Decreased interest in socializing
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Poor decision making or trouble making any decision at all
  • Memory loss and feelings of confusion
  • Difficulty taking medications properly
  • Chronic fatigue and persistent decrease in energy level
  • Changes in personality, increased irritability, mood swings
  • Difficulty keeping up with finances and paying bills
  • Trouble maintaining the home, from basic housekeeping to more serious maintenance

These issues are only warning signs and should be looked into.

Steps to Take

  • If your family has not consulted with an eldercare attorney, strongly consider doing so.
  • Help your loved one prepare the following documents if he or she has not already done so: living will, durable power of attorney for finances and healthcare, and living will.
  • Take a close look at your senior’s health insurance policies and make sure that you understand what’s there and what is not.
  • Utilize the Caregiver’s checklist to help you gather and document the important information you will need to be a caregiver.

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