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Cryogenics Takes a Step Forward

The idea of freezing a person's brain and bringing it back to life years in the future when science is advanced enough to do so has long fascinated science fiction fans and even led to some people having their heads frozen after they pass away.… Read More
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Family Sues to Reverse Brain Dead Declaration

Issues concerning when a person can be taken off life support did not go away when the Terry Schiavo case stopped appearing in the headlines. A current lawsuit in California highlights that the issue is still very much alive. In December of 2013, the… Read More
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MSU Alum Leaves Millions to School

Montana State University announced on Thursday that the late Bill Wurst, a 1959 alumnus in electrical engineering, has left $4 million to the MSU College of Engineering as a gift from his estate. The gift will be used as matching funds for the univer… Read More
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Turning Yourself into a Diamond

Everyone knows that estate plans are primarily about your assets or your minor children, if you have any. Recently, however, some companies are asking people to make unusual decisions about what will happen to their remains as part of their estate pl… Read More
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