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Don’t Overlook Tax Returns for Your Gifts

You must report 2012 gifts on Form 709 even if you don’t owe tax. Among other things, that’s so the IRS will know how much of the $5.12 million ($5.25 million for 2013) tax-free amount you have used so far. April 15 is approaching fast, and the t… Read More
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To Give or Not To Give (In 2012)

Hurry up and wait – that's what some financial advisers are telling their clients as an uncertain tax environment makes it tough to plan charitable giving in 2012. With 2013 almost upon us and only two short months of 2012 to go, now is th… Read More
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Time Is Running Out in Ann Arbor on Tax Planning Options

Much of what is being written on the prospect of the expiration of the Bush-Era tax cuts focuses on its income tax implications. Yet, I believe that there is a greater likelihood that the estate and gift taxation aspects of this looming expiration ar… Read More
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