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Tax Consequences of Inheriting an Annuity

If you inherit a non-qualified annuity, then before you decide what to do it is important to understand the different options and tax implications. Annuities have become an extremely popular tool in people's retirement plans. Like any other asse… Read More
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Can I Survive Financially if I Live to be 100?

How long will you live? It’s a key question in retirement planning. If you’re healthy and your family tree has branches with staying power, you may figure that you have decades ahead. If your parents died early of natural causes, you may assume a… Read More
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Tax Savvy Financial Tools in the Form of Life Insurance and Annuities

“Oftentimes these products are sold based on the moment in time,” said Richard Coppa, managing director of Wealth Health, a financial advisory firm. “A couple of years ago, they were sold on guaranteed returns of 6 or 7 percent because people w… Read More
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