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Estates with Valuable Art Works Can Face Problems with IRS

Artwork valued over $50,000 can create an unexpected estate tax bill. Because appraisals on expensive artwork can vary estates can face some difficult issues with the IRS as Barron's discusses in "How Art Can Blow Apart Your Estate," c… Read More
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The IRS Knows More about Art than You Think

If an effort to reduce their estate tax burdens many wealthy families are tempted to undervalue their prized collections, such as art. The IRS, however, makes its own valuations. As with other taxes, most people seek ways to pay as little in estate t… Read More
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Estate Planning for Your Works of Art

Art investors are nearly always advised not to invest in art at all, but to collect it. Buy what you like, the conventional wisdom goes, not what you expect to increase in value. But collectors still must contemplate financial matters, especially rel… Read More
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Will the IRS Challenge the Valuation of Your Gift of Art?

So you have there is this really cool painting that you gave away.  Do you want it to be worth a lot or a little? It depends on who you gave it to. Giving someone art rather than dollars can be complicated, especially when it comes to taxes and… Read More
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