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Waiting for the Tesla Model 3?

If you are currently on the waiting list for the Tesla Model 3, what happens if you pass away before getting the vehicle? The announcement of the Tesla Model 3 generated enough buzz that more than 300,000 people paid $1,000 dollars each to be on a wa… Read More
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State Sues Life Insurance Companies

Lawsuits from the Minnesota Attorney General should serve as an important reminder to anyone who has a life insurance policy as part of their estate plan. Life insurance policies play a pivotal role in many estate plans. They are often used to provid… Read More
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It Is Important to Designate a Contingent Beneficiary for Your IRA

A recent IRS private letter ruling highlights why it is important to designate a contingent beneficiary for your IRA in case the primary beneficiary predeceases you. Individual retirement accounts are an important part of many estate plans. By design… Read More
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