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Estranged Children and Your Estate

If you have a child who you do not communicate with, you might want to make sure that the child does not receive part of your estate. The decision to do that can be difficult, but the process is not. A recent Market Watch column, entitled "Can m… Read More
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How to Get Disinherited

If you do not want to be disinherited by your relatives, it might be helpful to know what actions often lead to disinheritances so that you can avoid them. Normally when someone is disinherited it comes with anger and surprise. This is because often… Read More
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Disinheritance Challenges in Ann Arbor

As cruel as it sounds to disinherit a child, people have their reasons. Sometimes there is no relationship. Other parents might feel the adult is well-off and does not need an inheritance. Estate planning largely involves the process of distributing… Read More
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The Toils of Joint Tenancy in Ann Arbor

Elderly parents regularly set up bank accounts — checking, savings, certificates of deposit — in joint tenancy with a child …Running around in the background here is a belief that the terms of a will are going to take priority over a joint… Read More
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