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How Not to Protect Your Assets in a Second Marriage

When people get remarried they are often concerned that after they pass away their assets will go to their new spouses and leave their children from previous marriages with very little. While there are several ways to ensure that does not happen, get… Read More
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Rising Gray Divorce Rate Problematic

The overall divorce rate in the United States has remained stable for some time. However, the rate of divorce for older Americans is rising and that can create problems. Researchers at Bowling Green State University recently published a study that lo… Read More
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Estate Planning Versus a Divorce Decree

Sometimes when people are upset about specific terms of their divorce they will attempt to use estate planning to possibly get around those terms. That is usually not a good idea. When you think of all the possible things that could be ordered in a d… Read More
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Collecting Social Security Benefits From Your Ex-Spouse

Robin Brewton, who advises clients on Social Security benefit strategies, has boosted retirees' financial security with a single question: Are you divorced? There are several new challenges today’s retiring generation is facing, with the volat… Read More
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Potential Postnuptial Possibilities in Ann Arbor

More and more couples are signing postnuptial agreements, as they face the fact that divorce is a possibility and it's smarter to plan ahead, according to a new survey. Marriage is, in very real sense, a contract to be together for life, through… Read More
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