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California Court Upholds Trust that Gives Millions to Lady's Gardener

A Sonoma County bank overseeing the trust of a wealthy Kentfield divorcee who left a large chunk of her $8.5 million estate to her gardener and other non-family members will be allowed to dip into the fund to defend challenges from the woman's d… Read More
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“Estate Planner” Scams Customers with Turkish Bond Investment

A Naperville businessman was sentenced recently to seven years in federal prison and ordered to pay more than $3.3 million in restitution for conning clients into investing in nonexistent Turkish bonds as part of an elaborate, $28 million Ponzi schem… Read More
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Mr. Cub Alleged to Have Dementia when He Signed New Will

The estranged wife of late Cubs legend Ernie Banks claims the Hall of Famer was diagnosed with dementia days before he signed a will that left his entire estate to his caregiver. Ernie Banks was in the middle of a long and somewhat contentious divorc… Read More
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Forged Will Leads to Arrest

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for people to take advantage of the elderly and even to go so far as to forge a will when the elderly person passes away. It is heartening, however, that when caught the people who do this normally face criminal charg… Read More
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A Power of Attorney Can Produce a Thief in Disguise

Statistics on power of attorney abuse are hard to come by, but experts recognize it as a prevalent problem. There will come a time at which you will need to legally delegate someone to handle your financial matters. This legal delegation, known as a… Read More
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Saying NO to Scam Artists in Ann Arbor

     “You pay nothing! All we need is a credit card for confirmation!” “You can’t afford to miss this offer, which is only available today!” Have you ever received a phone call from a stranger who sounds like this? If yo… Read More
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