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Taking Mom and Dad to Work

Millions of working Americans act as caregivers for their elderly parents. Will companies start to offer onsite elder care centers where employees can drop off their parents while the employees are working? For large companies seeking to entice young… Read More
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Taking Elder Care Disputes Out of Court

When families disagree about how to care for an elderly relative they often have to go to court to resolve the disputes, which can take a long time. Ontario is considering changing this by taking the cases out of the court system. Even when everythin… Read More
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Elderly Children Taking Care of Elderly Parents

One of the consequences of increased life spans is that when people reach retirement age they might still have elderly parents that need to be cared for. Taking care of an elderly parent can be difficult. As people age they need more and more attenti… Read More
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Be Your Own Bookkeeper When Caring for Elderly Parents

There was no contract, no invoice, and no evidence the family agreed to pay him anything. Sure, Anthony gave round-the-clock care. The family would have hired round-the-clock nurses if he hadn’t been there. If you find yourself taking on the respon… Read More
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Survey Says Start “The Talk” with Mom

“To the extent that there is a disconnect between parents and their grown children on these financial topics, our data show that families can look to mom to help bridge that gap,” says Lauren Brouhard, senior vice president of retirement in Fidel… Read More
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Hospice Still Waiting on Help from Medicare

"The effect is very negative for end-of-life care in the country. The way hospice is designed now may have worked fine 30 years ago, but it doesn’t work now and we need to think about alternatives." U.S. health care has been in flux since… Read More
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The Hoopla over HIPAA

In hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and insurance companies, professionals may cite Hipaa as a reason to restrict information. Some patients even have trouble accessing their own health records, supposedly because of the priva… Read More
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Alzheimer’s Association Reports Alzheimer’s and Dementia are on the Rise

Already, 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. Those numbers will jump to 13.8 million by 2050 … The latest numbers are in from the Alzheimer’s Association, and reports show one in three seniors dies with Alzhei… Read More
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Don’t Delay Discussing Your End-Of-Life Wishes

This uncomfortable, ethically questionable, confusing scene over Ms. Bayliss’ end of life did not have to happen the way it did.  If you don’t want to be in that kind of situation, you need to be responsible for deciding what you want and co… Read More
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Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) Expands Gender Gap

While life insurance has long been priced by sex, companies that provide long-term care insurance (LTCI), mainly used to cover healthcare expenses in old age or for severe illness, have long avoided it. But for the first time this year, they will int… Read More
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