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Estate Looks for JFK Love Child

That John F. Kennedy had affairs while he was President is fairly well known, so perhaps it should not be too surprising that the estate of one of the women alleged to have been involved in one of those affairs is following up on rumors that she had… Read More
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Firearms and Estate Administration

New rules issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives provide some clarity for executors of estates that include firearms. Any new proposed gun control laws or regulations are almost guaranteed to set off a political controversy… Read More
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Bobbi Kristina Brown's Estate in Another Battle

Like her mother Whitney Houston's estate before her the estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown has sparked massive family fights. The latest battle has the estate administrator suing the trustees. The battle over the estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown has f… Read More
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Former Prosecutor Guilty of Stealing From an Estate

It is always disturbing when an estate administrator steals from the estate. That goes double when the administrator is a former district attorney. John Paschall served as the District Attorney for Robertson County, Texas for 20 years. He should have… Read More
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The Fight Over a Mathematician's Notes

Over a year after one of the most celebrated mathematicians of the 21st Century passed away a legal battle rages in France over the thousands of pages of notes he left behind. Alexander Grothendieck is neither a name most people will recognize nor is… Read More
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Michael Jackson's Estate Sued … Again

It has become an inevitability that just when you think the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson's estate has finally quieted, yet another issue appears in the news. This time it is another lawsuit filed over alleged wrongdoing of the estate&… Read More
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Paul Walker's Car Collection

Paul Walker was famous for his movies about fast cars so it should come as no surprise that he owned a lot of vehicles. Exactly how many vehicles he owned and whether or not his estate has possession of all of them is the subject of a new lawsuit. Fr… Read More
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Attorney Disqualification and Estate Administration

When an attorney has a conflict of interest in a case the attorney is not allowed to be involved in the case. A bizarre case in Louisiana illustrates how that principle applies to estate administration. There is apparently no dispute that Kaci Breen… Read More
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Paying the Debts of an Estate

When someone passes away, his or her debts become a part of the estate and must be paid. This is one of the jobs of the executor or personal representative. If you are administering an estate, you need to know how to pay the estate's creditors.… Read More
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