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Former Prosecutor Guilty of Stealing From an Estate

It is always disturbing when an estate administrator steals from the estate. That goes double when the administrator is a former district attorney. John Paschall served as the District Attorney for Robertson County, Texas for 20 years. He should have… Read More
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Avoid Common Executor Mistakes

If you are named as the executor of an estate, you might feel honored by the appointment. That honor can turn to horror if you make a mistake that subjects you to personal liability. Being the executor of an estate sounds a lot easier than it really… Read More
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Think Twice Before Challenging a Will

When people are upset over an inheritance their first instinct is often to contest the will. However, will contests have high emotional and financial costs and should not be undertaken lightly. The Rochester Business Journal recently published an int… Read More
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Tax Consequences of Inheriting an Annuity

If you inherit a non-qualified annuity, then before you decide what to do it is important to understand the different options and tax implications. Annuities have become an extremely popular tool in people's retirement plans. Like any other asse… Read More
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