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Don’t Forget About Estate Taxes at the State Level

Although the new $5.25 million exemption shields the vast majority of estates from federal taxes, state estate taxes are alive and well. Currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia impose some type of death tax, and most kick in at a level much… Read More
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Avoid the Sting of the Estate Tax Rules in Ann Arbor

The good news is the estate tax won’t apply to as many business owners as we feared; the bad news is that when it applies, it has a nasty sting. Over the past several years, we’ve seen estate taxes go through many alterations. We’ve seen change… Read More
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A Fiscal Cliffhanger: The Federal Estate and Gift Tax is Holding On in Ann Arbor

Now that the fiscal cliff has been averted — at least temporarily – there is widespread confusion about the effect on estate planning of the 11th hour tax law passed by the Senate on New Year’s Eve, and by the House of Representatives one day l… Read More
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