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The Return of Reverse Mortgages

In the past most elder law attorneys advised their clients to stay away from reverse mortgages. That is beginning to change. Just a few short years ago reverse mortgages were often seen by elder law attorneys as an unfortunately popular way for senio… Read More
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Want to Spare Your Kids From a Family Fortune?

From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations, goes the early 20th-century American proverb. Then there's the 19th-century British version: Clogs to clogs in three generations. And from Italy, date uncertain: From the stable to the star… Read More
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Who Pays the Bills If I’m Not Around?

Who pays the bills in your house? If your house is like most, there is probably one person who handles most of the financial matters. Would you or your spouse be prepared to assume the role of managing the household finances if something happened to… Read More
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Who's Quarterbacking Your “Money Team?”

When it comes to managing and growing your wealth, it pays to have a deep bench. Who’s on your money team? Among Millionaire investors who work with a team of advisors, one-third consider a team of two advisors to be ideal, while 36 percent prefer… Read More
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