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Medicare to Tighten Restrictions on Home Health Devices

Medicare fraud costs the federal government millions of dollars a year. Fraudulent claims for devices used in home health care are among the costliest. As a result, Medicare is increasing regulation. When a person has Medicare and needs a home health… Read More
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New IRS Policy on Identity Theft

Identity thieves do not content themselves with just taking out credit cards in their victims' names. They also often file fraudulent tax returns for refund checks. A new IRS policy should help victims figure out what happened. Imagine receiving… Read More
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Estate Planning Attorney Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Other Charges

A Wisconsin estate planning attorney who faced 33 federal charges stemming from fraudulent activity and stealing her wealthy clients’ money has reached a deal and will plead guilty to five of the charges. Wisconsin attorney Sarah E.K. Laux ran two… Read More
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Wells Fargo Ordered to Pay for Committing Trustee Fraud

When creating a large trust, especially one for a minor child, it is often a good idea to use the services of a professional trustee. Many banks, both large and small, offer the service. However, there is no guarantee that professional trustees will… Read More
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