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Community Property and Your Estate Plan

If you are considering retiring to a state with community property laws, you should consider how your estate plan could be affected. Chances are you do not live in a community property state. Only a handful of states have community property marriage… Read More
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Gift Tax Basics

    People who want to give a large amount of money to another person often have questions about how much they can give without having to pay taxes on the gift. Fortunately, the gift tax is relatively simple once you know the basics.  … Read More
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Avoid the Sting of the Estate Tax Rules in Ann Arbor

The good news is the estate tax won’t apply to as many business owners as we feared; the bad news is that when it applies, it has a nasty sting. Over the past several years, we’ve seen estate taxes go through many alterations. We’ve seen change… Read More
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Passing On the Family Home to the Next Generation in Ann Arbor

There are nearly half a dozen ways to give a home to your child. And a couple are tax-free. You’re probably well aware that for many families, the family home is the single most important estate asset. Can you imagine your kids having to part with… Read More
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