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Estate Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease

Good estate planning does not just concern itself with what happens to your assets after you pass away. It also takes into account the things that you might need at the end of your life, including the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Obv… Read More
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Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is a frightening thing to think about getting for anyone. Understanding what we know about the disease can help lessen that fear, but one of the most important things to understand about Alzheimer's is what we still do n… Read More
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What to Do after an Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, it is important to take immediate steps to ensure that end-of-life care is as comfortable as can be. There is a common myth that people with Alzheimer's are completely incompetent… Read More
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