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Judge Cuts Down List of Potential Prince Heirs

The Minnesota judge hearing the Prince estate case has rejected most of the claims brought by people to have themselves declared to be the singer’s heirs. The stakes in the Prince estate case are very high. Because he did not have an estate plan, a… Read More
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The End for 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in Schools?

A controversial decision by author Harper Lee's estate has many people wondering if 'To Kill a Mockingbird' will continue to be assigned reading in school. Reading Harper Lee's anti-segregation novel To Kill a Mockingbird has beco… Read More
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Worry in Detroit over Lions’ Succession Plan

The Detroit Lions say that there is a succession plan in place for when the current owner passes away. They are not saying what that plan is, which might cause some concern for the NFL. Like other professional sports leagues the NFL has tight restric… Read More
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Inheriting Polluted Property Can Be Expensive

Inheriting commercial real estate can seem like a financial windfall for many people. But it can turn into a financial nightmare if environmental pollution is later discovered on the property. In "Contaminated Property Makes for Costly Inheritan… Read More
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Tax Consequences of Inheriting an Annuity

If you inherit a non-qualified annuity, then before you decide what to do it is important to understand the different options and tax implications. Annuities have become an extremely popular tool in people's retirement plans. Like any other asse… Read More
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Leaving Your Tattoos Behind

If you want to make many people say "Ewww" and leave your tattoos behind permanently after you pass away, a new service will let you do that. Many people spend a lot of time and money on their tattoos. To them, it is a form of expression an… Read More
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Have “The Talk” Before It’s Too Late

For many parents, it is easier to talk to their children about sex than money. And there are few touchier subjects for wealthy families than the topic of inheritance. Don’t we all dread certain “talks” we’re supposed to have with our children… Read More
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