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Does Wealth Flee High Taxes?

Many state legislators share the common concern that if they increase taxes on their wealthiest residents, those residents will move to lower tax jurisdictions. However, data suggests that there is little basis for that concern. No one likes paying t… Read More
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Tax Consequences of Inheriting an Annuity

If you inherit a non-qualified annuity, then before you decide what to do it is important to understand the different options and tax implications. Annuities have become an extremely popular tool in people's retirement plans. Like any other asse… Read More
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Irrevocable Trusts May be the Answer to Tough Estate Planning Issues

The death of a loved one can create a lot of financial complexity. For families that have set up irrevocable trusts to facilitate the transfer of assets from one generation to another, the tax implications can be even more complicated. However, there… Read More
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