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Things Prince Can Teach You about Estate Planning

You have probably heard that Prince died without a will. There are important things about estate planning that you can learn from that. Despite a net worth of millions of dollars the musician Prince never had a will drafted or any other form of estat… Read More
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Celebrities without Estate Plans

Prince is not the first famous person to pass away unexpectedly without an estate plan. With Prince's estate in the news the public is getting a close look at what happens when a celebrity passes away without having created a will. Prince, howev… Read More
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More Potential Prince Heirs Come Forward

In the developing saga to settle Prince's estate two more people have come forward claiming to be his heirs. When news broke that the musician Prince did not have an estate plan experts were quick to predict that there would be multiple claims m… Read More
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Who Will Inherit From Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter?

Morgan Freeman's granddaughter was tragically murdered. The actor has gotten involved in a probate case to determine who her heirs will be. In August, E'Dena Hines was stabbed to death by her boyfriend who seemed to believe that she was pos… Read More
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Search on for Missing Irish Heir

  When someone passes away without an estate plan, by law his or her property goes to the deceased's closest living relatives. However, if a person has no known close relatives, then what happens to the assets of the estate? It depends on w… Read More
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