It Is Important to Designate a Contingent Beneficiary for Your IRA

A recent IRS private letter ruling highlights why it is important to designate a contingent beneficiary for your IRA in case the primary beneficiary predeceases you. Individual retirement accounts are an important part of many estate plans. By design… Read More
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New IRS Policy on Identity Theft

Identity thieves do not content themselves with just taking out credit cards in their victims' names. They also often file fraudulent tax returns for refund checks. A new IRS policy should help victims figure out what happened. Imagine receiving… Read More
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Procrastinating on Filing Your 2012 Tax Return? Don’t Sweat It

The IRS still needs time to prepare dozens of other forms and software programs for new and retroactive tax exemptions, credits, and other provisions tucked into the fiscal cliff bill, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in early January… Read More
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