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Long-Term Care Insurance Might Not Be Worth the Headache

Purchasing a long-term care insurance policy can be extremely confusing, time-consuming and a complete waste of aspirin. Anyone who has ever looked into it knows that the costs of staying in a nursing home are extreme. With people generally living lo… Read More
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Preventing Long Term Care Policy Lapses

Long term care in a nursing home is extremely expensive. One way to mitigate that expense is to purchase a long term care insurance policy. Unfortunately, many of the people most in need of long term care insurance let their policies lapse before the… Read More
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Can I Survive Financially if I Live to be 100?

How long will you live? It’s a key question in retirement planning. If you’re healthy and your family tree has branches with staying power, you may figure that you have decades ahead. If your parents died early of natural causes, you may assume a… Read More
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