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The Rising Costs of Senior Care in America

Long-term care planning is a must for any senior citizen, but as costs continue to drastically climb, the prospect of being able to fund long-term care seems next to impossible. While there are more options available today for senior care, some of wh… Read More
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Protecting Access to Medicaid for Your Disabled Child

Recent changes at the federal level now make planning for the financial future of your special needs child easier than ever. A special needs trust is designed to protect property and income belonging to your child and provide that child with income a… Read More
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Fighting Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

For decades, states have granted courts the power to appoint guardians or conservators for elderly or disabled people unable to tend to their basic needs. Most appointed guardians are family members, but judges can turn to a growing industry of profe… Read More
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The High Cost of Dementia

Three diseases, leading killers of Americans, often involve long periods of decline before death. Two of them — heart disease and cancer — usually require expensive drugs, surgeries and hospitalizations. The third, dementia, has no effective trea… Read More
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Special Needs Attorney Testifies Before Congress

Richard A. Courtney, President of the Special Needs Alliance (SNA) and principal in the Courtney Elder Law Associates section of Frascogna Courtney, PLLC, testified Friday, September 18 before the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee… Read More
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Can I Survive Financially if I Live to be 100?

How long will you live? It’s a key question in retirement planning. If you’re healthy and your family tree has branches with staying power, you may figure that you have decades ahead. If your parents died early of natural causes, you may assume a… Read More
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Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are OK

Buffalo attorney Julie Bargnesi is a proponent of fairness to health care providers and patients alike. She’s not only an attorney who represents health care providers and is a part of the health care industry practice team at Harris Beach, she was… Read More
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Answers to Questions about Medicare and Medicaid

One adult son talks about his mother-in-law's well-being: She is elderly, lives alone, experiences symptoms of dementia, and doesn't accept help easily. She refuses to have strangers in the house. She has lost all effort to cook, but she wi… Read More
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